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sounddock_bl_lgAlthough decorating is primarily an exercise in changing the visual of a room, I believe the rest of the senses play an equally important role.  The sounds, smells, and tactile experiences of a space can drastically enhance or detract from the way a space, and your activity in it, feels. Case in point:

 For a long stretch a few months ago, I was finding that our family’s evening rush (leave work-pick up kids-make dinner-get to bed-mayhem) was really getting me down.  I was stressed, the kids were acting out on that stress, there was crying (from all parties involved), and it was ugly.  Then one night, when I just had it with my hungry and tired kids fighting in the playroom, and my hungry and tired self trying to cook up a healthy dinner in three minutes, our Bose SoundDock caught my eye.  I popped in my iPod, cranked up the volume, and starting rocking out to Fleetwood Mac.  Before I knew it, my little guys were in the kitchen with me, setting up a “drum set” using chairs and their tambourines.  The vibe of the evening changed instantly and we laughed through dinner, singing, dancing and being totally goofy. 

These days when I get home, I head straight for the music before even putting on water to boil.  Sometimes it’s Zanes and sometimes it’s Zeppelin, but either way, it makes everyone feel better at the end of a long day.

Some of my recommendations for amazing sound and a small profile include the Bose SoundDock (for iPods) and the Tivoli Model One Radio (Radio only). 

Image credit: Bose


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