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Last week, my husband and I rearranged our bedroom furniture.  The fresh look of the room was great, but the new arrangement left about 12 inches on my side of the bed.  Ultimately, this was a good thing, since my bedside table is really just a depository for stuff that gets cleared off and organized once every six months or so, but the lack of space for a table proved challenging when I got into bed that night and had no light for my wind-down magazine perusal.  So I went hunting in the house for something that might serve as a good stand-in. 

Using an extra child’s dining chair that we had on hand, a pretty stack of hardcovers (most of which are works-in-progress since I never read one book at a time) and the perfect little lamp from my original side table, I had a functional resting place that adds visual interest to the room – all without spending a dime.


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Family Dinnerware

 When my oldest son started eating solid foods, I couldn’t get enough of the adorable baby dishware covered in dinosaurs, trucks and bugs.  If Target came out with a new line for Halloween, they were in my cart faster than you could say “boo.”  But after years of staring at that technicolor plasticware multiply on my shelves, clashing with the hip artisan vibe that I am trying to create in my kitchen, I decided it was time to move on and have the whole family eat from the same dishes.  That’s why I love this melamine dinnerware from Working Class Studios. At $6 for a salad plate and $8 for the full dinner size, I got eight of each and now they’re all we use, even for entertaining sans kids.  The mix-and-match patterns work with all kinds of décor, and the sturdy, lightweight melamine means they’re not going to break if the kids drop them when they’re helping set the table.  Hey, at least I can dream.

Wrought Irony Melamine Dinnerware available at www.shopscadonline.com.

Image credit: shopSCAD

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