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Great White Towels


Looking to replace your towels?  We were this winter when we realized that the reason ours were looking so shabby was that they were over ten years old.  We decided we could justify replacing them (we recycled our old ones as gym towels), but I couldn’t quite fathom spending what most good quality towels cost (mostly because I would have rather spent that dough on sassy new heels).  The problem?  The quality of most “budget” towels stink.  But I found the exception to that rule at the holy land of designer labels at reasonable prices (that would be Target, of course).  The Thomas O’Brien Vintage Modern towels are fantastic — plush, with a velvety softness that has stayed put even through a whole lot of washes. 

I bought all white — simple, classic, perfect with every bathroom and best of all, bleach ’em and they look new.


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