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Hello, Gorgeous.

Sorry for the lack of post today, but because of unexpected roof issues at my son’s school, I was home with my big guy all day.  Yes, here in New England, it doesn’t even have to be snowing for school to be cancelled…the sheer amount of snow has become a problem in and of itself.

Anyway, in an effort to keep us busy and out of the house, I decided that today was the day I was going to use up the gift certificates and birthday money I’ve been saving and finally get myself this beauty.

Why hello, Gorgeous.

It seems that all the Apple stores are equally fantastic, however if you’re close enough to New Hampshire, I highly recommend going to see Bianca at the shop in Salem.  She’s been working at Apple for quite a while, first at the corporate office in the UK and now in the shop, and she knows her stuff (and is totally kind and wonderful to kiddos).  Anyway, she rocks.  Go see her and tell her Paige (and Weston) sent you.



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See you Monday!

For the next few days, I’ll be off in Salt Lake City at the Altitude Design Summit soaking up panels and classes with creative powerhouses from around the web. I can’t wait to see you all Monday with a renewed creative vision for 2011!

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I grew up with a cat and a dog, while my husband grew up with a…wait for it…bird.  Seriously.

The pet ownership differences from our childhood, along with his actual allergy to cat hair and his neat freak-inspired allergy to dog hair, means that we haven’t brought more than a guppy and some snails into our family of four.  But when we do (and oh, we will, if our kids and I have anything to do with it), the pup is going to look like this and sleep on one of the fabulous pet beds from Fleabag Bed.

Just like any great business venture, Fleabag Bed owners Sabina Vavra and Chelsea Hernandez filled a niche when Sabina couldn’t find an attractive and affordable dog bed for her Golden.  Each poly-filled bed is handmade in Los Angeles, using locally-milled organic cotton (11 patterns!) for its removable and washable cover.  Nice!

Photo credit: Orson Pet Bed from Fleabag Bed, starting at $68

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6a00e553feb2ab8834011570227a16970c-800wiOne of the many surprises this new blogging adventure has offered me is a huge — and hugely supportive — community that I didn’t even know existed.  In just the short time since I started The Mudroom, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with people from across the country, even across the world, whose work and opinion I find resonates with me, and mine with them.  Such a moment happened just a few days ago when Amy from Sweet Sweet Life wrote to me to let me know she was giving me the “One Lovely Blog Award,” a blogger-to-blogger honor that I am so very thrilled to receive…thank you, Amy!  So please visit Amy, as well as these lovely bloggers with whom I now share this award!

Bits and Bobs: A mostly culinary blog with the occasional dose of fashion and home decor from the lovely and talented Alisa

Kelly+Olive: Amazing and creative interiors from Chicago-based designers Lauren and Courtney

Chroma Lab: The blog from Boston-based furniture and home accessory design lab sharing tips, techniques and great finds

Boston Handmade: News about all things handmade from Boston-area artists

Cottage Industrialist: Great, funny blog from a total renaissance woman…she writes, she cooks, she makes…and she’s fun to read

ABCD Design: Digital sketchbook from designer, stylist and artist ABC Dragoo

Pop Discourse: Wise words and hilarious commentary on daily life from writer, designer and recovering academic Christine Koh (my blogger heroine)


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