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Lilac Love

LilacsI’m a sucker for fresh flowers. 

Most interior design gurus will tell you that adding live, natural elements do wonders for the feel of a room, but since I have a serious black thumb, houseplants are out (honestly, I killed a cactus last year…do you know how hard that is to do?).  So instead, I try to pick up fresh cut flowers whenever I remember — at the grocery store, farmer’s market, whatever — and put together a few bunches around my house.   

This week, mother nature started delivering one of my favorite flowers, and a single stem needs nothing more than a simple vase (even a water glass!).  Lilacs, with their intoxicating scent and gorgeous shades of lavender, blue, purple, pink and white, will peak in New England from now until the end of May.  This weekend, I’ll be hunting down some blossoms to add new life to my home, and officially welcome the arrival of Spring.

Image credit: Arnold Arboretum


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