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As a risk-averse working mom who has many creative interests outside my day job, I am inspired when I hear about women who have left a career track to start a cottage business.  I’m even more inspired when that leap has been taken by a close friend.  But the absolute best is when that close friend has started her own biz creating ridiculously pretty and simple paper goods that you want to fill your desk and the desks of everyone you know.

Such is the story of Christine Koh, one of my oldest and closest friends, and the self-taught designer behind Posh Peacock.  Deciding she would rather “perish than publish,” Christine left the academic world (she is a former music and brain scientist) to pursue her creative interests…and we are all the luckier for it.

I started buying Posh designs before the business really launched in 2006, and have been a customer ever since.  Christine’s design work ranges from custom paper goods to web design to small business and non-profit identity, and it’s all beautiful.

Some of my favorite picks?  Semi-custom stationery, calling cards and the limited edition bird cards (I’m such a sucker for birds).  And because Christine operates at light speed, there’s still plenty of time to order for gift-giving.

Image credits: Posh Peacock


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