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For parents, all photos of their children are exquisite, even when taken with a crappy camera phone.  But when your kid’s picture is taken by a professional photographer, the result can make you feel like a stranger has witnessed the soul of your child and captured it for eternity.  At least that’s how I feel about Jessica McDaniel of Boston Baby Photos.

I met Jessica for the first time when Weston was nine months old.  Jess had been in the baby photography business for a couple of years and was shooting in a traveling studio at a local children’s clothing store.  The session prices were fairly inexpensive, so I signed up, hoping for a better result than what I might get from a cheesy department store set-up.  Not only was Jess completely accommodating (the store had double-booked me with another mom, but Jess hadled the mishap like a total pro when the teenage sales associate didn’t know what to do), but she made me feel at ease during the shoot, gently directing us, watching and capturing natural moments.  A couple of weeks later I headed back to the store to see the proofs (this was in the early days of digital photography), hoping that there would be one decent photo that I could use to get the free 8×10 that came with the shoot. 

I bought every dang picture.  

A few years later when Levi arrived, I contacted Jess and arranged an in-home shoot — her specialty.  This time, Jess casually and near silently followed Levi as he crawled around the house, onto a wooden wagon, up the stairs, and ultimately into a giant L.L. Bean bag.  About a week later when I saw the result (this time on the web), I bought every shot.  Again.

Not only is Jess an uber-talented photographer, but she happens to be a wonderfully nice person…the kind of person you want to stay in touch with even after your shoot is over, and the kind of photographer that you will want to shoot your kids and family every couple of years.  At least that’s how I feel about her. 

So this holiday season, consider putting a Boston Baby Photos gift certificate on your wish list.  Or if you happen to be a grandparent, aunt, uncle or other generous soul, consider springing for your local loved one (Jess will travel within 20 miles of Milton, MA for free, or beyond for a travel charge).

To see Jess’ portfolio, visit her here.

For gift certificates, contact Jess at jess@bostonbabyphotos.com

Image credits: Weston at 9 months and Levi at 10 months, Jessica McDaniel, Boston Baby Photos


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