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It’s winter.

The weather in Boston on Wednesday was horrific, and although I would love to say it’s really early for the snow/slush/ice/rain situation that’s happening, I know as a New Englander that just isn’t so.  Instead, I’m accepting our reality, and offering up two gift ideas to combat the nasty weather in style.

After years of buying inexpensive rain boots and being annoyed and soaked every time a seam ripped (which was pretty often), I finally coughed up the dough for the original — Hunter Wellies.  Get them with removable fleece inserts and you’ve got a rain boot and a cozy snow boot, all for a little over $100.   Best thing is you can get these for everyone on your list — men, women and kiddos



When it comes to handbags, I never go pleather.  Something about the stiff, squeaky material that reeks of plastic just isn’t my thing.  But after a recent trip to Old Navy (yes, the same visit when I found the sparkly piggy), I’ve decided to let go of my outdated fabric stereotyping, and embrace the pleather of today.  This bag is just as cute cross-body as it is a top handle or shoulder bag.  Kind of like the Foley + Corinna that I lust after, but with a much smaller price tag.  Get it for your sister, girlfriend or any chic and practical woman in your life…my Aunt Liz loved my teal version.

Image credits: Hunter High Gloss Wellies, $115, Nordstrom; Faux-Leather Crossbody Tote Bag, $32.50, Old Navy


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