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I am so done with rectangular placemats on my round kitchen table.  It drives me nuts.  Just NUTS.  But a standard issue round tablecloth is a no-go either with my two jumping bean boys who would most certainly rip the thing off, dinner plates included, the first minute I put in on.

But a chalkcloth tabletop?  I could get behind that.

Spotted two weeks ago on one of my daily reads — Sweet Sweet Life — I haven’t been able to get the image out of my head.  Amy just bought some yardage from a local Etsy seller and cut it to size. 

Voila!  Table covering and kid distraction all rolled into one. 

Image credits: Amy Hanson of Sweet Sweet Life


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Linnea Prints

The first time I spotted the Linnea Calendar at my local Paper Source, I was instantly drawn to it.  I love woodblock prints, and although I wasn’t sure of the technique that was used, the calendar reminded me of one of my very favorite artists, Sabra Field.  But like most fabulous things I see when I’m and about running errands with my children, I promptly forgot all about it.

So this past weekend while I was catching up on my Google Reader, I came across a fabulous mood board that used a Linnea poster…so excited to discover these again!

As it turns out, the Linnea posters, calendars, cards and more are created by the mother/daughter team of Linnea Asplind Riley and Johanna Riley Kriesel, who specialize in “bright, bold graphics with images that appeal to children and adults alike.” 

You can say that again.

Image credits: Posters and prints from Linnea Design, from $2.50 {no, that is not a typo!}

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Inspired by Madeline Weinrib

I’ve been in love with Madeline Weinrib’s sophisti-casual rugs for as long as I can remember, but with price tags in the thousands, Ms. Weinrib’s rugs will not be part of my reality anytime soon.  Luckily there are some terrific floor coverings inspired by Ms. Weinrib’s work without the accompanying price.

Problem is, my favorite rugs are her pink beauties, none of which I’ve been able to find in an inspired-by-and-therefore-less-expensive version…

…until I got the new Garnet Hill catalog this weekend!

Image credits (from top to bottom): Madeline Weinrib, West Elm, IKEA, Making It Lovely, Madeline Weinrib and Garnet Hill

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I usually forgo novelty sheets for my kiddos in favor of classic and cozy bedding, but after flipping through the L.L.Bean Home Spring catalog that arrived in my mailbox today, I think I may reconsider.

Um, navy whales on navy pinstripes?  Yes, please.

Image credit: L.L.Bean

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A recent exchange with my friend Christine — who’s currently redoing her office — reminded me of something I meant to post long ago.  I’m also in the (endless) process of updating my home office into a lovely creative zone, and I needed to find a solution for a long wall that my desk faces.  I thought about shelving (too heavy, visually and literally), a mirror (up at 5:30 a.m. to write? no thanks), and a series of prints (I’ve done that little trick in three other spaces in the house)…but nothing seemed right.  Then as I was cruising IKEA one afternoon, I came across the DIGNITET system in the Textiles department. 

Meant to be used as a curtain wire in lieu of a rod, the DIGNITET system had all the right qualities for my wall.  It was super long (up to 197 inches), could be hung from the wall or the ceiling, was lightweight, and was easy on the wallet ($14.99 + $4.99 for each package of clips).  I snagged a kit plus two boxes of clips and a couple of days later (when I finally got around to installing it) I had the foundation for an ever-changing inspiration board.  Love it.


Image credits: IKEA; Paige Lewin and her slammin’ photography skills (I’m working on it)

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I heart Fred.

We gave these to my stepmom for Christmas.  Aren’t they great?  I almost kept them for myself, but decided that would be so un-Christmasy.

I’ve seen the clever products from Fred&Friends for many years, but this was the first time I bought.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Image credit: M-Cups from Fred&Friends (I got mine — er, my stepmom’s — locally at Paper Source)

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Have you heard about the Missed Connections blog?  I hadn’t until I came across it here, but man, is it fabulous. Using posts from Craigslist New York “Missed Connections” as inspiration, Brooklyn-based artist Sophie Blackall has created a series of funny, whimsical and oddly romantic illustrations. She received so many requests for works from her blog, that she now sells them in an etsy shop.  Lucky us!

{These sure make me miss living in that quirky and fabulous city…}

Image credits: Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections

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Had to make a quick trip to Target today, and I couldn’t help but mosy over to their home décor section.  I figured their new spring items might be rolling out, and I was right.  Don’t you just love this blue and white Jacobean ottoman?  

I’ve been drawn to more modern elements recently, but something about this just drew me in… 

Doesn’t seem to be online yet, but maybe soon…

Image credit: Paige Lewin’s Blackberry (that seems to take better photographs than her Cybershot)

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