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Fence FabricJust a couple of months after my husband and moved into our first home, giant metal fence posts showed up on the side property line separating our house from our neighbor.  First, we were concerned — had we done something wrong?  Had we offended him?  But then we got annoyed.  We were first time homeowners, so we didn’t really know any better, but it just felt wrong that a neighbor would but up a giant, u-g-l-y, chain-link fence in the front of our property without, at the very least, leaving a note on our door.  

So we gathered up our joint gusto and headed next door, trying to convince him that the chain-link monstrosity was not the way to go.  How about a natural barrier of shrubs? Um, no, the decision has already been made to have a fence.  Then how about a nice extension of our beautiful backyard cedar fence…our treat? Sorry, the posts are already in and my mother is paying for it. (hmmm…) 

We’ll never really know why he (or his mother, I suppose) wanted to put up that dang thing, but we sure wish we had known about Fence Fabric at the time, because a faux stone wall, some everlasting foliage, or heck, even a cow pasture would’ve been better looking than that thing he put up.

{Thanks, Rochelle of Studio G, for the great resource!}

Photo credit: “Brent Wood Wall” by Fence Fabric


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