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This past winter, our kids were given beautiful Tibetan prayer flags by one of their grandparents.  As we returned home from the festivities, I thought briefly about absconding with the flags and adorning the outside of our home with the bright colors and messages of peace and good fortune.  Remembering that the flags were, in fact, a gift for the boys, I adorned the inside of their rooms instead.  With a push pin here and a push pin there, the flags have added movement and joy clear across each their rooms (and up from their often-messy floors).

Tibetan Flags Crop

And it got me thinking, wouldn’t life be more fun with more flags?  Like these…

Pottery Barn Marine Flags

or these…

Wallies Flags

    or even these?

Country Living Tea Towels

 Have you ever decorated with flags?

Image credits (from top to bottom): Paige Lewin, Pottery Barn, Wal-Mart, and Country Living 


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