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I grew up with a cat and a dog, while my husband grew up with a…wait for it…bird.  Seriously.

The pet ownership differences from our childhood, along with his actual allergy to cat hair and his neat freak-inspired allergy to dog hair, means that we haven’t brought more than a guppy and some snails into our family of four.  But when we do (and oh, we will, if our kids and I have anything to do with it), the pup is going to look like this and sleep on one of the fabulous pet beds from Fleabag Bed.

Just like any great business venture, Fleabag Bed owners Sabina Vavra and Chelsea Hernandez filled a niche when Sabina couldn’t find an attractive and affordable dog bed for her Golden.  Each poly-filled bed is handmade in Los Angeles, using locally-milled organic cotton (11 patterns!) for its removable and washable cover.  Nice!

Photo credit: Orson Pet Bed from Fleabag Bed, starting at $68


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