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JA BarbieWhen I was a little girl, I was forbidden to have a Barbie.  My parents had this thing about bringing inaccurate female stereotypes into the house, and so I suffered an incomplete girlhood (sniff).  As it turned out, after a brief moment of Goth-ness in high school, I ended up being just as girly as the girliest girls out there (seriously, if there was even a 1% chance that I wouldn’t be laughed right out of the gates of the esteemed institution of higher ed at which I work, I would be sportin’ my Blair Waldorf headbands daily).  Anyhoo…my heart let out an extra thump-thump the other day when I got my weekly e-mail from Jonathan Adler announcing his new line of Barbie-inspired bath accessories.  Seriously, what could be better than pink lacquer in my house full of boys?  I might just pick up the Adler-donned Barbie and her very own mini-Lampert Sofa since I never got my Barbie-fix growing up.

Image credit: Jonathan Adler


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