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Owl Switchplate

I love owls, but my youngest may love owls even more than I do.  This little switchplate from Anthropologie may need to find its way into his room redesign.

Anthro Owl Lightswitch Cover

Image credit: Hoot, Hoot Switchplate from Anthropologie


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DIY Floor Covering

I think I’ve mentioned (more than once) that our house has hardwood floors throughout.  Beautiful, yes, but the “beauty of hardwoods” that everyone talks about loses its lustre about this time every year.  Since carpets and area rugs are pretty dang expensive, we get to experience our floors in all their ice-cold glory as soon as the thermometer dips below 40.  I started to get desperate, and although this isn’t a permanent fix, it’s a stylish and cheap way to cover a small area of your floor.


After digging out a fairly large nautical chart that I had sitting around in a closet (my original plan, three years ago, was to frame it until I discovered it would be about $500 to frame my $20 chart), I brought it to a local copy shop to have it laminated.  A couple of hours and $18 later, I had a new front hall floor covering that reminded me a bit of those handpainted canvas floorclothes that I had seen in showhouses and shelter publications.  Make sure to use a little sticky-tack around the edges when you place it on the floor, and you’re good to go.

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With the kiddos down early tonight, and our little guy’s room update on my mind, I did a little window shopping for artwork at Etsy.  Don’t you just love this chalkboard art from Chalk Chalk?  So modern and fun, and perfect for our family of bike-lovers.   

 Chalk Chalk Tricycle

Chalk Chalk Schwinn

Score a print for $20 or an original for $125 (steal!)…

Image credits: Chalk Chalk


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JA BarbieWhen I was a little girl, I was forbidden to have a Barbie.  My parents had this thing about bringing inaccurate female stereotypes into the house, and so I suffered an incomplete girlhood (sniff).  As it turned out, after a brief moment of Goth-ness in high school, I ended up being just as girly as the girliest girls out there (seriously, if there was even a 1% chance that I wouldn’t be laughed right out of the gates of the esteemed institution of higher ed at which I work, I would be sportin’ my Blair Waldorf headbands daily).  Anyhoo…my heart let out an extra thump-thump the other day when I got my weekly e-mail from Jonathan Adler announcing his new line of Barbie-inspired bath accessories.  Seriously, what could be better than pink lacquer in my house full of boys?  I might just pick up the Adler-donned Barbie and her very own mini-Lampert Sofa since I never got my Barbie-fix growing up.

Image credit: Jonathan Adler

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