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WPA-Swim-for-Health If you’re looking for a no-cost way to update your walls, click over to Vintage Printables and start shopping.  Don’t be scared off by the sometimes clunky site — it’s chock-full of fabulous high-resolution, downloadable, free images that have been hand-selected by “Swivelchair,” a biopharma worker who has a serious love for collecting out-of-copyright scientific illustrations.  Luckily for those of us who would rather hang WPA-era posters on our walls than detailed drawings of the human heart, “Swivelchair” has collected those too.  Botanicals, travel posters, curiosities — you name it, and Vintage Printables has probably got it.

So have fun choosing, then bring your selections to your local copy center and print ’em out poster size, or go cheap like me and use your own color printer and an old frame that needs a new tenant.

{Thanks to Design Mom for sharing this great find!}


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