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West Tisbury LambI was first introduced to Alison Shaw’s work when visiting a friend on Martha’s Vineyard in the early ’90s.  Since then, Alison’s West Tisbury Lamb has become one of my favorite baby gifts.  But it wasn’t until I visited her site recently that I realized the breadth of her work.  Ranging from abstract seascapes to striking black & white architectural images to the colbalt blues of her collection from Greece, Alison’s portfolio includes sheer beauty for walls.  As a fledgling artist myself, I’m particularly drawn to her images from artists’ studios, proving that a messy space — in and of itself — can be stunning.

Alison Shaw Artists Studio

Posters, notecards, and books available online.  Fine art photography prints available at Alison’s gallery in Oak Bluffs, exhibits listed here, or by calling 508-696-7429.

Images: Alison Shaw  

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bookshelf cropI’ve been in love with built-in bookshelves for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it’s that they remind me of my childhood home, or maybe it’s just that I knew from early on, without really knowing, that built-ins can be a beautiful way to maximize a space and make it feel positively custom.  Whatever the reason, I have been ripping out pictures of built-ins and fantasizing about them since I started hoarding home design magazines a decade ago.

So my dream finally came true when after spending more than two years talking incessantly about how the knee-wall in our master bedroom would be the-perfect-spot for built-ins and making grand promises of how my ever-growing piles would transform into neat, useful, and dare I say, decorative additions to our room, my husband finally gave in.   

Enter Bill Jones of FreshAir Millworks, carpenter extraordanaire.  In one short week (and only one day in our house for the installation), Jonesy whipped up a new piece for us that delivered exactly the vision I had every night as I fell asleep staring at that wall.  I don’t know why it took us so long to move on this project — possible fear of working with a contractor (we’re newbies), not knowing how to access a contractor without getting ripped off (personal referrals are key), or just getting up the gumption to spend a chunk of money on something so — well — permanent (that’s a hard one to swallow unless your absolutely sure what you want).  But the whole process of working with Jonesy was so easy, that it’s hard to stop coming up with projects for him now. 


Want a little bit of FreshAir Millworks for your home?  Contact Bill Jones at (508) 587-1109.

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DIY Art: Books

dsc00226Last summer I was poking around a bookstore in Vermont and came across Mice, Morals & Monkey Business, an incredible children’s book filled with gorgeous block prints by artist Christopher Wormell.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it – not for our kids’ library, but for my kitchen wall.

When we got home, I hit my fab local stationery shop and picked up decorative paper that coordinated with the prints in the book, along with several LP album frames (thin metal frames with plexiglass fronts meant to showcase vintage vinyl).  Using the frame backer as a template, I cut the decorative paper to the exact size of the frame.  Then I went to town on Mr. Wormell’s masterpiece.  First, using a box cutter (an X-acto knife might be better, but I don’t have one on hand) and great caution, I nicked the seams throughout the inside of the book, loosening up most of the pages.  Then I carefully took apart the binding of the book with the knife.  I trimmed the rough edges of the pages I wanted to frame and using double stick tape, attached the pages to the decorative paper.  After repeating the trimming and taping process with the rest of the pieces, I popped them all into the frames and hung them up.

With a book, box cutter, straight edge, a couple of hours work (including shopping) and about $150 for the book, ten frames and paper, I had stunning, custom-made art!

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