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Fretwork Tray Table

Trays are awesome.  Tray tables are even better.  But an elegant white table with fretwork detail and a mirrored tray that looks like it should cost way more than $69.99?  Sign. me. up.

Image credit: Country Living Antique White Finish Wood Tray Side Table from Kmart


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I am so done with rectangular placemats on my round kitchen table.  It drives me nuts.  Just NUTS.  But a standard issue round tablecloth is a no-go either with my two jumping bean boys who would most certainly rip the thing off, dinner plates included, the first minute I put in on.

But a chalkcloth tabletop?  I could get behind that.

Spotted two weeks ago on one of my daily reads — Sweet Sweet Life — I haven’t been able to get the image out of my head.  Amy just bought some yardage from a local Etsy seller and cut it to size. 

Voila!  Table covering and kid distraction all rolled into one. 

Image credits: Amy Hanson of Sweet Sweet Life

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Had to make a quick trip to Target today, and I couldn’t help but mosy over to their home décor section.  I figured their new spring items might be rolling out, and I was right.  Don’t you just love this blue and white Jacobean ottoman?  

I’ve been drawn to more modern elements recently, but something about this just drew me in… 

Doesn’t seem to be online yet, but maybe soon…

Image credit: Paige Lewin’s Blackberry (that seems to take better photographs than her Cybershot)

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DIY Side Table

We’ve been needing a side table next our living room couch for a ridiculously long time, but it seems that every one I find that I love, is just a little too big, a little too shmancy, or a little out of our price range.  I was getting desperate, and in a creative fury went whipping around the house to find the makings of a side table that would hold our cocktails and appys (I mean, sippy cups and goldfish) until we were ready to commit the cash to something really fabulous.  Turns out, I like my DIY version better than most I’ve seen.

Wood tray from Target and a vintage plant stand…


plus a little Liquid Nails (love that stuff!)….


equals fabulous, architecturally-inspired side table!  I thought about painting it, but I’m kind of digging the two-tone wood look.


So tell me…have you ever taken something from your home and reinvented it?

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Butterfly Chairs

Urban Outfitters Butterfly ChairI don’t know if they’re making a resurgence, or if the great lounge chair from my childhood home just happens to be everywhere I am right now, but Butterflies seem to be following me.  First, a month or so ago while passing through Urban Outfitters — a foldable version with a leather cover.  Then in a Ralph Lauren Home ad while reading the Sunday Times.  A few weeks later, two set side-by-side as the seating area in a newly-opened local clothing boutique.  And finally, the very chair from my childhood on a recent visit to Vermont. 

Butterfly chairs, designed by Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy in 1938, became commercially available when Knoll began producing them in 1947.  Since then, numerous manufacturers have produced versions of the original design, and today you can find them a retailers ranging from Modern Furniture Classics to Circa50 to PB Teen

It’s shape and endless cover choices means the incredibly versatile Butterfly can give a room a strong design statement and be used nearly everywhere.  In my house growing up, our Butterfly chair played a leading role indoors, but they can make a really stunning set up outside too, just check out the patio at the Parker Palm Springs

 Parker Palm Springs.AT


Image credit: Apartment Therapy

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bookshelf cropI’ve been in love with built-in bookshelves for as long as I can remember.  Maybe it’s that they remind me of my childhood home, or maybe it’s just that I knew from early on, without really knowing, that built-ins can be a beautiful way to maximize a space and make it feel positively custom.  Whatever the reason, I have been ripping out pictures of built-ins and fantasizing about them since I started hoarding home design magazines a decade ago.

So my dream finally came true when after spending more than two years talking incessantly about how the knee-wall in our master bedroom would be the-perfect-spot for built-ins and making grand promises of how my ever-growing piles would transform into neat, useful, and dare I say, decorative additions to our room, my husband finally gave in.   

Enter Bill Jones of FreshAir Millworks, carpenter extraordanaire.  In one short week (and only one day in our house for the installation), Jonesy whipped up a new piece for us that delivered exactly the vision I had every night as I fell asleep staring at that wall.  I don’t know why it took us so long to move on this project — possible fear of working with a contractor (we’re newbies), not knowing how to access a contractor without getting ripped off (personal referrals are key), or just getting up the gumption to spend a chunk of money on something so — well — permanent (that’s a hard one to swallow unless your absolutely sure what you want).  But the whole process of working with Jonesy was so easy, that it’s hard to stop coming up with projects for him now. 


Want a little bit of FreshAir Millworks for your home?  Contact Bill Jones at (508) 587-1109.

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Bemz CouchI’m a big fan of slipcovers.  In theory.

When my husband and I bought our first “real” living room furniture (read: not a hand-me-down futon on an unfinished frame with splinters that I slept on beginning my sophomore year of college) every piece was slipcovered.  Dirty? Throw it in the washer!  Bored with the look? Order another one!  The washability was great, but when we did, in fact, get bored with the look, I dicovered it was going to cost $750 to get a new slipcover for an $800 club chair.  If only I had bought that chair at IKEA and then, if only I had known about Bemz, things would have been different.

Bemz, a Stockholm-based company whose products can be found only online, specializes in custom slipcovers for the most popular sofa and chair models from IKEA including the Ektorp, Klippan, Lillberg and more.  The fabric offering is vast (but not too vast — a plus in my book), and prices are reasonable (a slipcover for a 4-seater Klippan sofa is about $200), but the real clincher for me is that Bemz offers slipcBemz Chairovers in Marimekko prints. 

If only I had known.  Our big ol’ club chair would’ve been from the IKEA PS collection and covered in Marimekko’s Unikko poppies…or maybe navy linen…or orange cotton…

Image credits: Bemz

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