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Inspired by Madeline Weinrib

I’ve been in love with Madeline Weinrib’s sophisti-casual rugs for as long as I can remember, but with price tags in the thousands, Ms. Weinrib’s rugs will not be part of my reality anytime soon.  Luckily there are some terrific floor coverings inspired by Ms. Weinrib’s work without the accompanying price.

Problem is, my favorite rugs are her pink beauties, none of which I’ve been able to find in an inspired-by-and-therefore-less-expensive version…

…until I got the new Garnet Hill catalog this weekend!

Image credits (from top to bottom): Madeline Weinrib, West Elm, IKEA, Making It Lovely, Madeline Weinrib and Garnet Hill

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DIY Floor Covering

I think I’ve mentioned (more than once) that our house has hardwood floors throughout.  Beautiful, yes, but the “beauty of hardwoods” that everyone talks about loses its lustre about this time every year.  Since carpets and area rugs are pretty dang expensive, we get to experience our floors in all their ice-cold glory as soon as the thermometer dips below 40.  I started to get desperate, and although this isn’t a permanent fix, it’s a stylish and cheap way to cover a small area of your floor.


After digging out a fairly large nautical chart that I had sitting around in a closet (my original plan, three years ago, was to frame it until I discovered it would be about $500 to frame my $20 chart), I brought it to a local copy shop to have it laminated.  A couple of hours and $18 later, I had a new front hall floor covering that reminded me a bit of those handpainted canvas floorclothes that I had seen in showhouses and shelter publications.  Make sure to use a little sticky-tack around the edges when you place it on the floor, and you’re good to go.

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Divine Dash & Albert

Dash & AlbertI can’t remember when I first fell in love with Dash & Albert rugs, but I know the infatuation has been going on for several years and I’ve just been waiting for the right moment to act on it.  Finally, this weekend, I had my moment.  Using this new fabulous blog as an excuse, I bought one of the woven striped cotton rugs in a blue/neutral palette.  A 2×3 foot area rug starts at $28, and most of the more than 75 color combos are available in all sizes, going all the way up to 9×12.  In my wildest fantasy, I would love to have a whole private stock of these beauties, changing with every season…hmmmm…some day… 

{Truth be told, I really love all things Annie Selke, the brilliant and creative head of the Annie Selke companies  — Dash & Albert, Pine Cone Hill and Potluck Studios — so be prepared for more Annie Selke love in future posts.}

Image credit: Dash & Albert 

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Kid-Proof Rug

dsc00208I really wish we had a mudroom, but since we don’t, we relegate our shoes, coats, and the seven-or-so bags that arrive home with our little family every evening to a 30-inch “mudspace” right inside the entrance of our home.  To help define the space and give our two kiddos a little more room to walk in, stretch out and take off their shoes, we purchased Pottery Barn’s Diamond Outdoor Rug made out of polypropolene (yes, it’s plastic!).  This hip, neutral rug is supersoft underfoot and fit perfectly with our décor, our budget, and the total lack of time we have to devote to cleaning – it can be hosed down outside and still look fabulous.

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